Conversation on Readicide Begins Today!

Here it is, Radical Nation: The first day in our four-day conversation on the state of reading instruction with high school teacher and noted author Kelly Gallagher, who's new book Readicide:  How schools are killing reading and what you can do about it is being released by Stenhouse this Spring. 

Interested in joining the conversation? 

Then click this link:  Enter Readicide Conversation

You might also be interested in this set of suggestions on how to make digital conversations work for you and this set of directions about how to sign up for a Voicethread account.  Don't forget that you can still download the complete text of Readicide by visiting this link.

If you struggle at all with your own Voicethread login, you can use this generic login that I created this morning:


Password: readicide

You'll find a small box in the bottom left hand corner of the presentation that will let you change to any of a range of generic identity icons.  The only hitch with using this generic login is that only one user is allowed to login under an identity at a time!  If you struggle to get in using the generic login, consider waiting for 20 minutes and then coming back. 


Something to know about navigating Voicethread conversations:

While working in a Voicethread conversation, participants can choose to hit the "Play" button at the bottom of any particular slide and watch the conversation around that slide from beginning to end.  That's probably the best strategy the first time you stop by our Readicide conversation because you'll get to hear my opening questions, Kelly's initial responses, and the initial thinking of other participants.

As you revisit pages, however—-something you should do once or twice over the course of the week to see how conversations are developing—-you can click on new icons surrounding the quotes that you are interested in to hear new comments that have been added.  You can also click on individual comments in the "Timeline" bar that appears at the bottom of each slide.

By doing so, you won't have to listen to every comment every time that you stop by our conversation!

Let's knock this out of the park, huh? 

Take some time in the next four days to add what you know, to allow your thinking to be challenged and to challenge the thinking of others.  Be committed to walking away from this conversation with new evidence and information that you can use to influence the parents, teachers and principals of your buildings. 

Reading instruction has to change—-and the first step in change is building knowledge! 

Voicethread can help us to do that together.

6 thoughts on “Conversation on Readicide Begins Today!

  1. Bill Ferriter

    Good news, Claudia and Clix:
    Steve Muth—the creator of Voicethread–just went in and did some troubleshooting on our Readicide thread.
    He’s fixed the issue that was preventing you from commenting—-and it didn’t have anything to do with your computers or your accounts!
    Long story short, it had to do with the fact that I’ve been using my Voicethread account for so long! In the upgrades that Voicethread has done in the past year—which have been outstanding—-my account hadn’t fully transitioned properly.
    Everyone should be able to comment without a hitch now. If you have any troubles, leave a comment here and I’ll do some more poking around.
    PS: And kudos to Steve for doing some early morning troubleshooting for us!
    Like many Web 2.0 tool creators, Steve really wants his product to be trouble-free for teachers, so his response time to troubles like ours this morning is generally nothing short of amazing.

  2. Bill Ferriter

    Hey Claudia and Clix,
    I just created a generic login for Voicethread that I know will work. Here’s the info:
    Password: readicide
    When you log in, you’ll see an icon in the bottom right hand corner that you can click to change your identity picture.
    The only hitch is that VT only allows one user to log in at a time under a username….so if you get frozen out with this generic log in, you’ll know someone else is using this information!
    Hope this helps,

  3. Clix

    Hm. I’ve gone on to the next slide. I’m jotting down comments in Word so’s I know what to say once I’m ON, yanno? Once I get through Imonna close Firefox & try again 🙂

  4. Claudia Swisher

    Bill, NOVICE here, trying to join the conversation! I’ve created my icon, have listened to the conversation, but don’t know how to join…what am I missing here? I don’t see an option for comments, but I KNOW they’re there someplace.

  5. Clix

    Hm. I’m logged in, but there’s no little ‘comment’ thingy above the ‘play’ button, which is where it is in other voicethreads.
    Am I jumping the gun?

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