Clear Vision of Intended Learning

So here’s an interesting question:  If students cannot self-assess without a clear vision of the intended learning, what is your learning team doing to make sure that students understand the expected outcomes for your lessons?


One thought on “Clear Vision of Intended Learning

  1. Joel Zehring

    Your question and slide make me think of one of the core challenges of a general education teacher: How can I weave all the random skills and facts from the standards and the curricula into something cohesive and purposeful for students? Can students really aim for the expected outcome of one lesson if they don’t know the expected outcome of their entire school experience?
    At the very least, teachers must cast an integrated vision of who their students might like to become as they learn and grow in class. I’m always working to boil down the philosophies of Math, Science, and Social Studies so that students can imagine how mastering these subjects might promote personal and community success. I also try to model these skills by abstracting them from their subjects and applying them to my daily life.
    In reality, I’m trying to lead students to learn, rather than just teaching them lessons and moving on.

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