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Here's an interesting site that I stumbled across today. Put together by the FTC, Admongo is designed to introduce students to the kinds of skills necessary for interpreting commercial messages.

In a media ecology where commercial messages surround our students, any tool that can help our students to develop a bit of interpretive savvy is alright by me!

I haven't played around with Admongo enough to be able to give it two thumbs up, but I do know that it fills a gap in my instructional presentation and it's caught my attention with clever graphics.

I think it's got potential, that's for sure.

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  1. Bob Gardner

    My favorite ad-busting question is “where is the camera?”. All of those slice-of-life ads are made with actors, directors, lighting specialists, sound specialists, camera operators, etc etc, yet they expect the viewer to think that they are seeing real people in real-life situations…and, unfortunately, the majority of viewers drink that KoolAid.

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