Teaching the iGeneration is Now Available

In the middle of my morning PLC presentation yesterday, a Solution Tree friend dropped into my room holding a fo'-real copy of my newest book, Teaching the iGeneration

Co-authored with digital learning expert and Dell consultant Adam Garry, it's a book that I'm pretty proud of because it is designed to show teachers the overlap between the kinds of skills we've always believed in—problem solving, information management, collaboration, communication, persuasion—and the new tools that can make work in each of these areas more efficient and effective. 

Drawing heavily from the resources and ideas that I've shared here on the Radical for years, Teaching the iGeneration is chock full of practical handouts and project suggestions.  My hope is that by the time you're done reading it, you'll be ready to incorporate a new digital project into your instruction for next year. 

You can poke around inside TiG here, exploring the table of contents, the introduction and the first chapter.  Eventually, you'll also be able to download all of the handouts from TiG as well.  When I checked this morning, though, the book's website—a feature that Solution Tree creates for every new title—wasn't up and running yet. 

Looking forward to seeing what you think of it!  I've learned a ton about technology from all of you over the years and I'm hoping to give a little back by sharing what I know. 

I'm also looking forward to putting my own hands on a copy!  The first shipment sold out of the Solution Tree bookstore in Boston before I could get in line.  

Talk about humbling.

5 thoughts on “Teaching the iGeneration is Now Available

  1. Bill Ferriter

    Hey Phil,
    I agree! The price surprised me when I saw it, too. I was hoping that ST would keep it below $25, but that’s not a decision I get to make.
    I’m sure that it will eventually be available on Amazon as a paperback and from my experience with my first book, Amazon comes in about $10 lower than the ST website.
    Hope that will help,

  2. John Ferriter

    Congratulationns Bill…..
    I hope Solution Tree reacts to those sales and increases availability at future institutes.

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