New Slide: Oprahganda and Education Nation

In honor of the Education Nation circus that’s about to begin today—which I wrote about pretty passionately yesterday—I whipped up a little slide that I thought was appropriate.

Here it is:

(download slide and view original image credit on Flickr)

Many thanks to Anthony Cody—the mind behind Living in Dialogue—whose post titled OprahPaganda sparked my slide.  Anthony’s a pretty brilliant political thinker and edublogger whose writing about the Education Nation controversy should be required reading for anyone still working in schools.

10 thoughts on “New Slide: Oprahganda and Education Nation

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  7. Bill Ferriter

    Yeah, but heres the thing, Trident: Oprahs not really promoting dialogue on her show. Shes presenting one narrow slice of the reform pie—-the Rhee version—as if it is a proven solution. Whats worse is that shes ignoring other voices that are rightfully pointing out flaws in that slice.
    Im not sure thats helpful—and Id go as far as to say that it is irresponsible and intentional.
    Oprah is smart enough to see the flaws in the agenda that shes pushing herself. And if not, shes got a large enough staff that SOMEONE has told her that theres another side to the Rhee story. By not providing an equal forum for those dissenting voices, shes become a propagandist who is manipulating her audience.
    Thats what frightens me.
    Does any of this make sense?

  8. Trident Online University

    I think what she is brings to the table is awareness and dialogue through her show. Even if she isn’t an expert, just getting the dialogue flowing and putting it on the air is enough to get people thinking about a solution.

  9. Tracy Strelser

    At least she’s DOING something! We all owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Come on people. Same with Gates. Folks, if we had their kind of money, what would we be doing? They are worried about OUR future even though theirs is secure. Wake up Everybody! They are the heros. They are the good ones.

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