Do We Even Know We’re Irrelevant?

I came across this interesting slide today, created by Mike Fisher and built from a Joe Bower quote. 

Paired with the interesting results Scott McLeod discovered in a recent Tech Learning survey on teacher perceptions towards technology use, it’s got me wondering whether teachers even realize that they’re becoming irrelevant to their students.


Slide Credit:  Irrelevant by Mike Fisher





One thought on “Do We Even Know We’re Irrelevant?

  1. Ananth Pai

    In addition to not caring about what students know about technology, the field of education is now cruising through a time with abundance of academic data on individual students but very little individualized learning and teaching take place. This is an even greater irresponsibility. I self funded and implemented a data driven, scalable, game based curriculum classroom to deliver more than 20%-ile growth in core academic areas for the entire class.

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