Educon Notes: Innovation in Education

Last night's Educon panel discussion was on the nature of innovation.  It was pretty remarkable, to tell you the truth—with the exception of the fact that my Livescribe pen failed to tie the audio recordings to the text files. 

Figured I'd at least share my handwritten organizers, though. Maybe you'll find them valuable:

Why Innovate?
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4 thoughts on “Educon Notes: Innovation in Education

  1. Bill Ferriter

    No sweat, Kevin…
    Got LOTS more to share, too.
    Im just super frustrated with my Livescribe pen right now because its got the audio files and the text files, but it cant seem to pair them together. Its a complete surprise to me simply because it was working fine all week.
    Whats even more frustrating is the Livescribe folks apparently take the weekend off! Thats a bit crazy in a Web 2.0 world where Twitterstreams need to be instant if theyre going to be worthwhile as a customer service tool. Heres to hoping that they get my problem fixed next week. Otherwise, my Livescribe-a-la-palooza will be ending almost as quickly as it began!
    Rock right on,

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