Are You at ASCD in San Francisco?

Alright, Radical Nation:  After a true travel nightmare that ended with a nearly 90 MPH cab ride from the San Francisco airport to my downtown hotel at 2 AM last night, I’ve made it to the ASCD Annual Convention!

While I’m a regular writer for ASCD’s Educational Leadership magazine—my column Digitally Speaking covers a whole range of technology issues—I’m here in San Francisco supporting the work of my publisher and best professional friends, Solution Tree.

I’ll be in the Solution Tree booth—1123 in the exhibit hall—from 11-4:30 today and again from 8-11 and 1-4:30 tomorrow.  Stop by and say hello, huh?

It would be great to put some names with digital faces!

Rock right on,


6 thoughts on “Are You at ASCD in San Francisco?

  1. Bill Ferriter

    Thanks a ton for the kind words, Matt!
    And Ill tell you what: All summer long while Im on the road at Institutes, Ill start plugging Iowa hard core. And if they ever book an Institute there, Ill force my way into the crowd of presenters!
    I swear, I learn more from Iowans than anyone else—-yall are a bright crop of talented folks.
    Rock right on,

  2. Bill Ferriter

    Hey Woodie,
    Here in San Fran apparently, the cabbies get paid by the mile, not the minute. That incentivizes insane top speeds.
    Talk about rapid transit!
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  3. Woodie Holloway

    Just trying to figure out why the cab driver felt the need to get you at your destination so fast. Did he do it on his own or did you make the suggestion? Just curious.

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