Do Your Students Know How to Search with a Purpose? [slide]

I don't have a ton of time to write today—-I'm grading papers—-but wanted to give y'all something to think about:





Adapted from The 19th is Getting Closer by Untitled Blue

The 19th is getting closer

Licensed Creative Commons Attribution on May 14, 2011

4 thoughts on “Do Your Students Know How to Search with a Purpose? [slide]

  1. Jude

    Yeah, well, this is why you need certified librarians in every school, collaborating with faculty in the systematic teaching of 21st information literacy skills. So says the librarian who gave up.

  2. Jeff Johnson

    Such an important “21st century” skill! Some schools have a subscription to pre-screened web content like NetTrekker (excellent) but we need to make sure teach and assess the process of searching for information and evaluating the results of searches. Just Googling isn’t good enough. With cutbacks in school library staffing increasing (how sad), the task of teaching information literacy can no longer be seen as “someone else’s job.” Every teacher (for sure, those with students in grade 3 or higher) needs to have information literacy as part of their core curriculum!

  3. Shawn Urban

    Hi Bill,
    Nice adaptation, and so informative. The staff in one of the schools I am teaching at were talking about computer illiteracy in our students. They can IM and text, some can Facebook, but that is a far as they usually delve.
    The ability to deliberately search the Internet should be a priority in all classes requiring research and inquiry. We are asked not to given answers, but to refer students to resources, yet do we take the time to teach them how to research?
    I hope you plan to make your adaptation free to use (Creative Commons). 😉
    Thanks for the reminder.

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