iPad in Education Resources Worth Exploring

Last week, I delivered a two-day workshop built around my tech book – Teaching the iGeneration – in Boston.  A team of teachers from a school outside of Birmingham, Alabama attended, looking specifically for ways that they could better integrate iPads into their classrooms.

In a world where 1:1 iPad projects are becoming more and more common, that's a pretty popular question, isn't it? 

I immediately reached out to Patrick Larkin — the principal of Burlington High School in Massachusetts — whose school is heavily engaged in a 1:1 iPad project for resource suggestions.

Patrick shared this collection of posts from his blog detailing the iPad deployment at Burlington High. It's a GREAT resource for school leaders interested in the nitty-gritty of 1:1 projects with iPads. He also shared this collection of iPad resources being maintained by the technology team in the Burlington Public Schools.

A few days later, Edudemic posted a new bit listing 15 ways to use the iPad in the classroom , the Emerging Ed Tech blog posted a new bit listing the 15 favorite apps mentioned by teachers in a recent survey conducted on their site, and Mike Fisher posted a pretty remarkable Livebinder of iPad resources.

Finally, if you're REALLY interested in keeping current on the ways that educators are using iPads in the classroom, don't forget to check out the #ipaded hashtag on Twitter. That's a constantly updated stream of information being curated by other educators who are interested in using iPads in the classroom.


Anyone have other iPad in education resources that are worth adding to this list? 

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  1. Admond Rays

    Undoubtedly the technologies have its own importance and space in the field of Education. Especially if we talk about the online education then the gadgets like i Pad, notebook, Fun book and tablets are the main sources of gaining knowledge and information. The digitization of modern education is indeed going to give us more space for other things.

  2. Mike Thompson

    The process and trends of education and teachings are being changed in rapid way, digital and modern education systems are prevails over several educational organization.
    It definitely increases the importance of education systems.

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