They Will Be Amazed [SLIDE]

Decided to be a little creative tonight, y’all.

Whipped up a slide sharing one of my favorite quotes from Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart – How to Thrive Online, a book I’m currently working my way through:

(download slide and view original image credit on Flickr)
Hope you dig it. 

More importantly, hope you can use it in your work somewhere. 


Image Credit: 
by Cia de Foto

Licensed Creative Commons Attribution on
November 2, 2012


by Howard Rheingold

Netsmart: How to Thrive Online

Location 377

2 thoughts on “They Will Be Amazed [SLIDE]

  1. Bill Ferriter

    Good eyes, Scott – it probably SHOULD have a not in it.
    But I just looked back at the original and it wasnt there! The comma in front of the last clause was in the original too.
    what would you do? Grammatically, that revision would make sense —
    and my guess is that it was a simple proofreading glitch before
    publication — but is it right to edit someones direct quote?
    Thanks for the advice,

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