What are YOU Doing to Make Sure Your Students are ‘Well-Googled’? [SLIDE]

I’ve spent the past few nights working my way through Will Richardson’s newest book, Why School — a GREAT read that is well worth the $3 you’ll pay for it on Amazon.

One of the quotes that caught my attention was this one:

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So whaddya’ think?  Is YOUR school doing its best to make sure that the kids sitting in your classrooms will be “well-Googled” by first AND last name on the day that they graduate?

Do you think that most teachers would see “Google-ability” as a trait that schools are responsible for helping students to develop before they leave our classrooms?

What about parents, politicians and policymakers.  Would they support classrooms where creating a lasting and positive digital footprint is a priority?

Should they?

Talk amongst yourselves.  I’m Verklempt.

One thought on “What are YOU Doing to Make Sure Your Students are ‘Well-Googled’? [SLIDE]

  1. Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain

    I find it amazing that it’s all there: every post I have made, every picture I have ever uploaded, been tagged in or thought about sharing (Google+ seems to have a mind of its own), every profile for every service I have registered to try or review (many never used), too many posts from followers I did not want and spammers I blocked… So am I an erratic gad-fly with little sense of follow-through and some connection to a very non-educational seamy world? Or am I just a curious educator with a willingness to try new tools, apps, spaces? None of this defines me. I don’t happen to believe any of us is the sum or average of where we have been online. If I believed that, I would throw out all of my digital tools and crawl into a hole. We need to show kids how to define themselves safely, but not to frighten them into not exploring new tools and learning paths. We need also to show them how to read the digital definitions (Kreds) of others critically and with a grain of salt. I do believe that if “we” make digital footprints important they will become important. Another bit of jargon that will take over PD for a year or more…

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