Are YOU Teaching Kids about Attentional Blink? [SLIDE]–

I don't have a ton of time to write tonight — I'm busy preparing for a webinar on Literacy and Blogging for the Alaska Staff Development Network — but I wanted to share a concept that I picked up from Howard Rheingold's newest book, Netsmart- How to Survive and Thrive Online.

It's called Attentional Blink:



That's important stuff, isn't it?  I know that I sure struggle to stay focused on a single task in a world where I'm surrounded by interruptions that are waiting to happen.

So what are YOU doing to teach your kids to concentrate?


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Term Attentional
Blink comes from
P. Sven Arvidson, “A
Lexicon of Attention: From Cognitive
Science to Phenomenology,” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 2, no. 2
(2003): 99-132

2 thoughts on “Are YOU Teaching Kids about Attentional Blink? [SLIDE]–

  1. Bill Ferriter

    Hey Dwight,
    First, thanks for stopping by — definitely good to see you here!
    And Netsmart is a GREAT read for parents, staff and students. A real eye opener about what kinds of skills students need in order to be prepared for tomorrows world.
    Give it a look — you wont be disappointed!

  2. Dwight Carter

    Thanks, Bill,
    We’ll have to do a small group book study with parents and teachers. Thanks for the recommendation!
    Be Great,

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