Interesting Survey Results Released on National Teacher’s Day

Being a professional pessimist, it’s hard for me to find the silver lining to the #edpolicy clouds rolling over the educational landscape.  Combine policymakers who are openly working to “break public education to pieces,” end of grade tests that ignore the full range of skills that I teach my students, or the shame that I feel when my scores aren’t where district leaders want them to be, and you’ll understand why I’m not a pocketful of rainbows and unicorns right now.

But the results of a recent survey of 1,000 adults commissioned by the Kars 4 Kids charity and designed to find out whether or not people believe that teachers change lives had me smiling today.

Here’s why:

(click to enlarge)


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Stew in that for a minute, will you?  In a world where we’re surrounded by negative messages about the quality of the American classroom teacher, the MAJORITY of the adults that we serve are satisfied by the work that we are doing.

And they’re not just satisfied in the “yeah, my teachers didn’t stink” kinda way.  They’re satisfied in the “I liked my teachers enough that I want my children to learn from them too” kinda way.

That matters, y’all.  It’s a tangible reminder that people DO believe in us.



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