2013 Thinking and Learning Conference – Day 4 Materials

Here are my session materials for day four of the 2013 Thinking and Learning Conference in Melbourne.  Hope you find them useful:

Our Students CAN Assess Themselves

In the spring of 2012, Canadian educational change expert Dean Shareski issued a simple challenge on his blog when he wrote, “So I’m wondering if you’re ready to let your students assess themselves. Not as some experiment where you end up grading them apart but where you really give the reins over to them?” Dean’s challenge resonated with author and teacher Bill Ferriter, who had always been dissatisfied with the grade-driven work being done in his classroom. This session will introduce participants to the tangible steps that Bill has taken to integrate opportunities for self-assessment into his classroom as a result of Dean’s challenge.

Writing Student Friendly Learning Targets

Instructional experts from Bob Marzano and Judith Chappuis to Rick Stiggins and Larry Ainsworth have argued something that good teachers have known for years: Involving students in assessing their own mastery of classroom content has a direct impact on mastery and achievement. The challenge, though, is that standards documents are often intimidating to parents, students AND teachers! This presentation is designed to show teachers how to tackle this challenge, breaking state standards into learning targets that can be easily understood by the parents and students of your classrooms.

Is Learning Really Easier Today?

One of the most popular misconceptions about life in the 21st century is that learning is automatically easier simply because the Internet makes ideas and information easier to access. The truth is that having access to more information doesn’t automatically mean having access to better information – or knowing how to access information efficiently. In this presentation, participants are introduced to the key challenges of managing information in a world where content is easy to come by.


2 thoughts on “2013 Thinking and Learning Conference – Day 4 Materials

  1. Philip Cummings

    Thanks for sharing these, Bill. I’ll be slowly working my way through them over the next few days now that I’ve wrapped up the end of our school year. I really appreciate your transparency and your generosity to share. You’re resources are frequently used in my classes. Thanks for sharpening my iron.

    1. Bill Ferriter Post author

      Holy smokes, Philip — your school year is over already?! Count me jealous, that’s for sure!!

      Glad you liked the resources. Hope you can use them somewhere in your work.

      And more importantly, hope you’re well…


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