When #edtech Goes Horribly Wrong.

Simple truth, y’all:  All too often, our use of educational technology in schools goes horribly, horribly wrong. 

Need proof?

Then check out this picture that a friend of mine who works in a district where every classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard and ceiling mounted projector took the other day:

(click to enlarge)


That’s an “Interactive Whiteboard” for you, huh? 

The moral of the story ONCE AGAIN is that you can’t spend your way to meaningful change — and until you’re willing to rethink what highly engaged classrooms are REALLY supposed to look like, you may as well keep all your hard-earned cabbage in your wallet.



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One thought on “When #edtech Goes Horribly Wrong.

  1. Lauren Patterson

    Kudos to you for making an extremely valid point! I love all the new tools that have been introduced in the classroom recently but are teachers beginning to rely too heavily on the pricey gadgets that may not be benefiting our students especially when they fail?

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