More on the Kinds of Things Teachers Buy for Their Classrooms.

Interested in seeing the kinds of things that I buy for my kids and my classroom? Here’s ONE month’s worth of charges from my credit card statement:

  • $21.48 – Book: Where Children Sleep – For use with my Kiva Club.
  • $32.88 – Magnets: For use in science labs.
  • $16.49 – Pyrex test tubes:  For use in science labs.
  • $11.72 – Bamboo skewers: For use in science labs.
  • $7.40 – Headphone/Speaker Splitter: For use in Skyping with homebound student.
  • $32.01 – New hoodie for student who needed one.
  • $42.95 – New backpack for student who needed one.
  • $16.93 – Food coloring: For use in science labs.
  • $7.54 – Vegetable oil: For use in science labs.
  • $23.98 – D sized batteries and gallon of milk: For use in science labs.

And that DOESN’T include the $50.12 I spent on books for teacher professional development, the $36.07 that I spent on Young Adult literature that I read so that I can make book recommendations to my students, the $79.00 I spent on a subscription for a Web 2.0 tool that we will use in class, or the $435 dollars that I spent on registration and hotel for a teaching conference that I want to attend in Philadelphia.




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    • Bill Ferriter

      Funny guy, Stortz. Funny guy.

      The scary part is how many people would be nodding heads at your comment — including three quarters of my family!

      Warped reality.

      Hope you’re well!