Looking for a New Slide to Share in 2014? Try These.

If you’ve spent any time reading the Radical, you probably know that whenever I’m intellectually spent, I whip up visual images sharing provocative quotes.  The creative process that goes into pairing the right image with the right font and the right quote renews me somehow.

I share all of those images freely on Flickr — and my slide collections there are often just as popular as the blog posts that I share here on the Radical.  If you’re interested, here are the five slides that have been viewed the most times:

Download Technology is a Tool and Not a Learning Outcome on Flickr


Download slide and view original image credit for Are You a Yeah, But Leader? on Flickr


Download The Only Math that Ever REALLY Mattered on Flickr


Download slide and view original image credit for There’s Nothing Magical about Technology on Flickr


Download Are You a Critic or a Critical Friend? on Flickr

Hope you can find a way to use these in your work!


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    • Bill Ferriter

      No sweat, Pal! I’m glad you like them. And be sure to give the entire Flickr collection a look. There’s a ton of great content there — 106 slides and counting!

      Hope you’re well,