New Slide: Teacher-Dependent Learners

As a part of a workshop this week, I had the chance to read a 2012 article about text-dependent questioning written by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey.

While the entire bit was fantastic — it details several specific questioning strategies that teachers can use to get students to truly wrestle with text at a deeper level — one quote really stood out to me:

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Powerful stuff, right?

So what will YOU do this year to make sure that you aren’t raising another generation of teacher-dependent learners?

Consider yourself challenged.


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3 thoughts on “New Slide: Teacher-Dependent Learners

  1. Sherry Langland

    This year, I am going to implement a student-staffed writing centre as a way to encourage less teacher dependency during the writing process and encourage more student ownership. The added bonus: less marking time (the Bain of an English teacher’s existence:)

    1. Bill Ferriter Post author

      I love the notion of student staffed writing centers, Sherry!

      Anytime that we give our students more chances to work independently of us, we are creating classrooms of enabled students — which is never a bad thing. If I could cut the needy questions in half because students believed they could handle them without me, I’d have way more time to work on meaningful tasks with the kids who needed me.

      Rock on,

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