Will You be Relentless?

I’ve been feeling more than a bit spent lately.  Call it the December Doldrums.

What bugs me the most is that I feel tapped out professionally. While everything that I’m doing is as solid as it ever was — I’m writing a ton, I’m delivering solid PD sessions, my classroom instruction still motivates me — nothing is coming easy to me right now and that makes it hard to find the motivation to push.  I’m grinding and producing and meeting all of my responsibilities, but I want my work — both within and beyond the classroom — to be more than a grind.  I want it to be energizing.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

So I took a bit of time off this morning.  Went to the bagel shop for breakfast and a bit of reading.  It’s my selfish treat — an escape from the always-on life that can be so draining.  I don’t open my email.  I don’t rush.  I don’t worry about the stack of crap sitting on my desk waiting to be done.  I read — and reading is relaxing.

Today’s title was Graceful by Seth Godin — and check out the quote that I stumbled across two pages into my meal.  It was so perfect, I had to turn it into a slide:

(click here to enlarge, download and view original image credit on Flickr)

So here I am being relentless.  

Thanks for the reminder, Seth.  I needed it.


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2 thoughts on “Will You be Relentless?

  1. jen ht

    Hi Bill,

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with your blog. You never disappoint, friend.

    This is just what I needed.

    I’ve been feeling a little beaten up lately as a teacher. Of course, still love the parts with the kids. And thankfully that is what fills most of my time.

    It’s the “all the other stuff” that’s been getting to me lately. The many, many “bids for attention” that are mainly just distractions from the work that matters. I try to disconnect from those pulls… those sucks on my energy… but I am not always successful.

    Thank you for energizing me.

    My answer to you, my friend, is – yes. I will be relentless, amigo. Carry on, fellow warrior.

    All the best,
    your friend,

    1. Bill Ferriter Post author

      Hey Jen,

      Sorry I didn’t see this until today! I, too, hate all that other stuff — and really dig the way you described them as “distractions” disguised as bids for attention. What I’d add on to that is that those distractions are almost always added by people who don’t actually teach anymore — so they miss the truth that the work they are asking us to tackle is largely a waste of time.


      Anyway….hope you are well — and hope we cross paths in person someday! I miss you.


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