My #DLDay Gift to You: Three Tech Quick Guides

In case you missed it, tomorrow is Digital Learning Day — a coordinated effort to raise awareness about the role that technology can play in today’s learning spaces.

The day promises to be FULL of activity.  Whether you plan to follow the #DLDay Twitterstream, poke through blog entries written by your favorite writers, or watch the Digital Learning Day Livestream from the Teaching and Learning Conference in Washington DC, I hope that you spend at least a few minutes wrestling with new ideas.


My #DLDay gift to you are three #edtech quick guides that share my favorite digital tools and services.

What makes the quick guides unique is that they are paired with detailed annotations outlining the ways that the tools support meaningful learning or efficient practice.  They are designed to reinforce my core belief that technology is a tool, NOT a learning outcome and that school is changed by teaching geeks, NOT tech geeks.

Check them out here:

Quick Guide to Web 2.0 Tools and Services:  Designed as a companion to Teaching the iGeneration — which is set to be released as a new and improved Second Edition in just a few weeks — this quick guide is organized by essential skill.  Interested in teaching your students about collaborative dialogue?  Passionate about problem solving?  Believe that persuasion or information management are essential?

You will be able to find tools and resources for supporting ALL of those practices here.

Quick Guide to Tools and Services for BYOD Classrooms:  My colleague Adam Love and I have been tinkering around with a small-scale BYOD effort this year.  This quick guide highlights tools and services that we have found useful in supporting those efforts.  It is broken into three categories:  Tools for instructional delivery, tools for creating differentiated learning experiences, and tools for publishing to larger audiences.

Quick Guide to Tools and Services for Supporting Teacher Collaboration: Another one of my personal passions is helping schools to build successful professsional learning teams — and one of the lessons that I learned long ago is that digital tools can facilitate any collaborative effort.  This quick guide highlights every tool that my own learning teams have used to tackle core practices like developing and storing team resources, collecting and organizing assessment data, and building consensus.

I’m not about to argue that the lists I’ve shared here are perfect by any means!

What I CAN say, however, is that I’ve used every tool and service included on these lists in the ongoing work that I do with students and teachers.  They are all approachable.  More importantly, they can all help to make you a more efficient and effective teacher and your students more effficient and effective learners.

Hope they help!


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  1. Tabatha Girdlestone

    Mr. Ferriter, I was assigned your blog as part of my class assignment this week. I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I find your posts to be helpful. I really look forward to using these resources and so many others you have blogged about in my future classroom. I look forward to your future posts!
    Tabatha Girdlestone

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