Find Radical Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers!

One of the things that people have always appreciated about me is that I can whip up a fantastic handout!  

Whether it is for a professional development session that I’m delivering on the importance of a guaranteed and viable curriculum or for a lab that I am teaching to my sixth graders on the energy conversions involved in a pizza box oven, the documents that I create are structured to lead learners through experiences in logical ways.

While I share many of those resources and handouts here on the Radical, I’ve also decided to start sharing that content in a storefront on Teachers Pay Teachers.  


I figure that there HAS to be teachers or school leaders out there who would find value in ready-made tools that they can use in their work — and a Teachers Pay Teachers storefront allows me to organize the content differently than it is organized here on my blog.

My storefront is still in its infancy — but if you stop by, you will find resources that you can use in professional development activities, resources for teaching science to middle school students, and resources for teaching students how to work with nonfiction text.  Over the course of time, I will be adding tons of resources on using technology in the classroom and teaching students to master essential skills like collaborative dialogue and critical thinking.

I hope that you’ll give it a look — and if you like what you see, I hope you will tell your friends to come and check it out, too!

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