Check Out Canva’s Education Resources!

As regular Radical readers already know (see here, here and here), I’ve been a big fan of Canva — an online tool designed to make it easy for anyone to create stunning visual content — for a long while.  Understanding the role that visual content can play in communicating messages and persuading audiences is an […]

Check Out What My Kids Created with Canva

Regular Radical readers know that I’m a huge fan of Canva — the digital service designed to make visual design easier for everyone.  What makes Canva so powerful as a classroom application is that kids can create pretty darn stunning images with ease. Need proof?  Then check out this bit whipped up by two of […]

Canva Makes Your iPads Even MORE Useful

One of my biggest beefs with schools that spend thousands of dollars pushing iPads into classrooms has been the fact that the iPad has never REALLY been a great creation tool.  Instead, iPads often end up doing nothing more than reinforcing the kinds of passive consumption behaviors — watching videos, reading text, searching the Web — […]

Blogging Tip: Use Canva to Create Images for Your Blog

This post appears as part of a new metablogging series from CTQ bloggers featuring their tried-and-true tips and best practices. Join the Communications Lab to continue the conversation and get tips for taking advantage of summer writing time! ————————– One of the tips that I like to give new bloggers is don’t forget to mix […]

New #edtech Tool Review: Using Canva to Teach Visual Influence

Dean Shareski — a friend and mentor who has done more to challenge my thinking than most anyone I know — has been arguing for years that one of the new literacies that schools need to develop in students is the ability to communicate messages through influential visuals.  While we spend a TON of time […]