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Microcast #001: Publish > Polish

Aaron Davis got me thinking this morning with a bit on sustainable blogging.

One of the things that I dig about Aaron’s bit is that he included a microcast — a short, unpolished audio reflection — in his post.  


That simple microcast got me to thinking about sustainable blogging all by itself.

Perhaps people would be more willing to reflect if that reflection could be done through recording instead of writing.  Recording, after all, is almost always less labor intensive for the creator than writing.

It also got me thinking about whether or not one of the barriers to motivating new bloggers is that many established bloggers create and share highly polished content.

Have we gotten to the point where “blogging” no longer means messy reflection in the minds of most people?  Is there now an expectation that blogs have to be filled with content that has been carefully created and “spit-shined?”And if so, does that discourage new bloggers from ever getting started?

So I decided to start my own microcast series here on the Radical. 

Here’s the first post:

Listen to “Publish > Polish.” on Spreaker.

My hope is that by modeling quick, unpolished reflection, I can remind readers that blog entries don’t have to be perfect in order to have value.  

Looking forward to hearing what you think of this idea.


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